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Come here to shop for groceries that are

  • Organically grown
  • Healthy (minimally processed and free from unnecessary additives)
  • Environmentally sound (locally grown or produced, minimally and ecologically packaged)

Our staff will be available for advice and questions.

A cooperative is a business owned and operated by its members, but you do not need to be a member to shop here. The are many advantages of membership, most importantly, you can elect a board of directors that is answerable to you.

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    To the members and owners of the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op:

    I'm writing you today on behalf of the Board of Directors, who have been hard at work since last year's annual meeting to spearhead a number of initiatives brought up by you, the members. One of these initiatives, a fundraiser for marketing products and ads, is going to launch this Saturday - Independence Day. What better day to begin an initiative to support a long-standing independent business? On Saturday morning, you'll receive an e-mail from me with the details on how to donate and when we hope to meet our goal. But for today, I just wanted to clue you in on the basics:

    • We will seek to raise $5,500 total.
    • Most of these funds will go to covering the cost of an ad campaign that includes commercial spots on National Public Radio and print ads in the Toledo City Paper.
    • The remaining funds will go toward covering the cost of a new line of marketing materials, including cloth bags, buttons, bumper stickers, and t-shirts.
    • All donors will receive "perks" based on how much they contribute. These perks will include the aforementioned marketing materials, gift baskets, catered meals, and more.
    • The purpose of this effort is to increase visibility for the co-op over our quiet summer months while also giving our membership a chance to play a part in the ongoing success of the store.

    Keep these thoughts in mind between now and Saturday, when you will receive a follow-up e-mail asking for contributions. Remember that the success of our store will depend on how much we as members come together to support it.

    Co-operatively yours,
    -Sean Nestor
    Board President, Phoenix Earth Food Co-op

    Director wanted

    Every year, at the yearly meeting, members choose members for the board of directors. This board decides Phoenix s general direction, and also picks the general manager (see following bit of news).

    Right now there is one empty seat on the board; furthermore, Sean Nestor, whose term this year expires, has said that he will not stay. Two others are up for election.

    If you are interested in becoming one of the directors, see this.

    New General Manager

    At its April 22 meeting, the Co-op's board decided to appoint Sean Fitzgerald as new General Manager. Many thanks to Leah Foley and Helen Elden who stepped in as interim joint General Managers after Lisa Blake's resignation. Please join the Board in wishing Sean much success in guiding Phoenix on a path to prosperity and growth. To see pictures of Sean and the Board celebrating, go to the "About Us" page.

    Will Mellon s resignation; empty seat

    We are sorry to announce that Will Mellon is withdrawing from the board. His tenure was fruitful, with all his work for outreach and branding, and his departure came too soon. We hope that this is not the end of his outreach-work.

    This leaves the board with an empty seat. Anyone appointed by the board to fill it remains only until the yearly meeting, and if then chosen by the members stays until the year-2017 yearly meeting. Are you interested, and a member? Then apply for joining the board: fill out a form at the counter, or go to the Board&Membership page.

    Annual Meeting

    Our Annual Meeting, held on December 21, 2014 was a great success. Fifty members attended and many made valuable suggestions which will influence the Co-op's agenda during the coming year. To review the minutes of the meeting go to the "MEMBERSHIP/BOARD" page or click here. Please contact the board if you have corrections or would like to suggest changes. Thanks to all for an inspiring meeting!


    Are you interested in volunteering with the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op? Join us at our monthly Community Outreach meeting on the second Tuesday of each month and discover what the co-op is doing in Toledo. The meetings begin at 6pm, at the West-Toledo branch library. There will be no pressure to volunteer, that's a promise! For information about upcoming outreach activities or meetings, please contact the director, Will Mellon, at 419.410.6310.