Becoming a member of the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op

The road to becoming a member of the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op is paved with discounts; that is, you become an member by buying two years of discounts, at $36 each. Each of those two years for $36 you get a Discount Card that entitles you to

As long as you renew your Discount Card each year you will continue to receive these discounts.

Getting to vote and receiving a patronage dividend.

Upon paying $72, whether all at once or $36 two years in a row, you become a member. This membership involves owning 1 equity share of the Co-op. It continues, whether or not you purchase any further Discount cards. Members

Members do not get the monthly or pre-order discounts UNLESS they maintain the yearly $36 Discount Card. Former partial payments on up-to-date memberships will begin to receive the discount once their payments have reached $36.

All paid-up members receive 2 years of discounts from the beginning of their original membership. For paid-up members who began before Feb 1, 2013, annual discount-card renewal begins in February 2015.