Phoenix Earth Food Coöp
1447 West Sylvania Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43612

Board of Directors s Candidate Registration
Application Due Every Year August 1


Are you a current Phoenix-Coöp member?
How long have you been a member?

Our coöp seeks motivated, enthusiastic people who care deeply about their coöperative community and would like to see it thrive. Is there any conflict of interest (such as current employment with a competitor) that would prevent you from running for the Board of Directors?

We the Board and management of the Phoenix Coöp are excited about the future of our collective business. We have a number of projects under consideration to improve the service we can offer to our membership. We therefore ask that candidates be able to meet a monthly time commitment of 6 to 10 hours. This averages to only 1.5 to 2.5 hours per week. Can you make this time commitment?

Any employment, volunteer, and non-profit experiences are relevant. Additionally, experience with this or any other coöp is helpful. Don't worry that you have little or no experience. We welcome all that care about the coöp. We only would like to get to know you.

Why are you considering a run for the board of directors?

Resume Optional

What else have you done, or undergone, that the members would vote for you? This is only more of our wanting to get to know you.